Relativity and Relevance

Nagi Said:

You have WAY too much free time on your hands firstly.


Yes.  This is the expected ad hominem deflection.

The amount of time it takes to post a rebuttal should not deter one from doing so.  Besides, you needn’t worry about the effort, as it really doesn’t take that much.  Even if it were a lot of effort (which is wasn’t) the reward of demonstrating the fallacy of the typical denigrator to the audience at large is actually quite worthy.  But, thanks for your concerned (feigned as it is.)

Cheating Art

Nagi Said:

Secondly you are misreading into a lot that I said. For one, the only reason I brought up anything to do with cheating was because I was certain you were going to take my comment out of context, which you did. Thank you very much for proving me right on that.


Merely accusing your opposition of “misreading” your criticism is hardly adequate, especially when one considers the detail that was used to support the interpretation (remember “WAY to much free time? Lol).

The truth is that there was no such transgression.  Your faulty arguments were carefully dissected and dismantled.  You can maintain whatever “opinion”, but it is unlikely you will find agreement amongst the audience at large.

Take your comment out of context?  Wrong again. You weren’t proven right on anything of the sort. Our rebuttal focuses on the how feminists conveniently overlook the clear differences between what each gender has advantages in.  Your faulty interpretation attempts to paint the desire for a woman to maintain more feminine qualities as a yearning for the artificial world of 1950’s American television family portrayals.

There was nothing “misread” into your comments.

Ratification Gratification

Nagi Said:

I’m not going to further “fight” with you. We can agree to disagree.


You can choose to capitulate with grace, or hold that position regardless of how it has been dismantled.  There is no “agreement” with faulty constructs such as you have presented.  Of course, we do agree that your position is incorrect.

Offensive Defense

Nagi Said:

But this article was offensive to me on many levels, and I have a right to point that out.


Everyone has the freedom to voice their opinion that they found something offensive.  No one is denying you that.

Some may find a fluffy white cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky “offensive”.  That is the nature of free will. However, do not mistake this “freedom” to be offended as the privilege to use any reason as support to why one is offended, and, expect others to merely sit quietly and not point such poor excuse out.

As far as “the right” to post, the owner of that article’s site maintains the right to allow you, I or anyone else to do so.  That right is not yours or mines to grant.  It is solely that of the blog owner.  You may put that to the test if you wish.

Coy Meets Girl

Nagi Said:

I never really said anything that was not true, and I didn’t ever make it a personal attack against you. Unfortunately, you took it too far. All I can do is roll my eyes in disgust. Take down your stupid post on another site and grow the heck up for crying out loud -_-;;;

Nice try.

It’s usually not the clear statement of falsehood that constitutes misguided campaigns.  Rather, it is the employment of innuendo or implied foundations based on faulty concepts.  A few of these have already been explicitly pointed out in the previous response.

“Didn’t ever make it a personal attack”?

Firstly, it doesn’t have to be ad hominem for it to be rebutted.  Secondly, you began with lightly veiled condescending advice, and rapidly descended into purely ad hominem as you continued in attempts to counter (as in “take down that stupid post” or ”grow the heck up”).  It is doubtful your intent is to avoid this.

You can exercise your ocular muscles all you want, but it is just more of the haughty attitude you use as a defensive mechanism.  The fact is that your biased opinion was exposed to be exactly what it was and you need to penalize those that have done so by attempting to personally injure them with claims they need to “grow up”.

You now demand others to take down a post because you think it stupid?  Now who is trying to be controlling?